Sepultura Quadra 2x12"
Quadra Quadra

Sepultura Quadra 2x12"

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Release Date: February 7, 2020

Sepultura "Quandra" 2x12" black vinyl
-officially licensed Sepultura merchandise

Sepultura’s fifteenth album featured Derrick Green on vocals, Andreas Kisser on lead guitar and Paulo Jr. on bass and Eloy Casagrande on drums.



Side A
01. Isolation
02. Means To An End
03. Last Time

Side B
01. Capital Enslavement
02. Ali
03. Raging Void

Side C
01. Guardians Of Earth
02. The Pentagram
03. Autem

Side D
01. Quadra
02. Agony Of Defeat
03. Fear; Pain; Chaos; Suffering

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